Our Approach

We trust our clients to make the best choices for their health care when given a supportive and compassionate place to make their decisions. Whether you need overdose prevention training or birth control, we meet you where you are in your lives and provide personalized, non-judgmental care that you can rely on. When you come to us, you pay for services based on what you can afford. No one is turned away if they aren’t able to pay.


Tapestry has been dedicated to providing Western Massachusetts communities with confidential care for over 40 years. As the health needs of our communities changed, we grew our services so that when you need critical care you have a compassionate, confidential provider you can trust.



Many of our clients face challenges in their lives that can impact their health care decisions. We work hard to ensure that when you are a new client, from teens to new moms to injection drug users, you are treated with the respect and compassion you deserve. We know that when people feel safe and welcome, they often feel more comfortable finding and receiving the care they need.



Tapestry is a community. Our diverse team is connected by a passion for helping others and for providing equal health care and support services to everyone. Though we are a large agency, the local team at each Tapestry site is rooted in and responds to the needs of its neighborhood. When you receive services with us, you are part of our community too.



We respect the experiences of our clients. Confidentiality is very important to our relationship with you, and helps us provide quality care in the safe, welcoming environment you deserve.


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