Post-Roe Resources

Post Roe Resources

Abortion is still legal in Massachusetts


Even with abortion being legal, there are still many barriers to care. Financial support, transportation, stigma, racism, homophobia, and transphobia are some of the barriers.

Financial Support for Abortions

Abortion funds help to bridge some gaps that are caused by these barriers. They provide direct funding to people who are seeking an abortion. Each fund has different areas they cover and supports they offer. Please contact the funds directly for more information:

The Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts

Tides for Reproductive Freedom

The Jane Fund

The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

National Network of Abortion Funds

How Tapestry Can Help

Abortion Referrals

Free Condoms

Pregnancy Test & Contraceptives

All Options Counseling


Crisis Pregnancy Centers threaten reproductive healthcare with deceptive practices. See the MA Surgeon General Warning on CPCs.

There are over 30 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Massachusetts.

Yes! In December of 2020 the MA state lawmakers signed the ROE Act that codified the right to abortion access into the law. Under this law the state cannot interfere with a “person’s personal decision” to undergo abortion procedures within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. In 2022 an executive order provided further protections by stating that MA will not help other states investigate or cooperate with extradition requests for those seeking abortion services from out of state. 


Gov. Baker Executive Order  

ROE ACT- Bill H.3320 

ROE ACT-Bill S.1209 


Tapestry provides abortion referrals for pregnant people.

Tapestry provides pregnancy tests and all options counseling including referrals for abortions. We also provide resources on local abortion funds for those needing financial assistance.

Tapestry provides a full range of sexual and reproductive healthcare services such as:

– Contactless barrier methods (external/internal condom) pick-up available at all sites 

-Birth control options (long-acting reversible contraception to barrier methods) 

-Pregnancy testing 

-STI testing, including HIV and HCV testing 

-STI treatment 

-HIV testing 

-PrEP HIV prevention medication 

-Hepatitis C testing 

-Emergency Contraception 

-Family planning counseling 

-Breast cancer screening 

-Referrals for mammograms 

-Pap smears & Pelvic exams 

-Referrals for colposcopies 

-HPV vaccines (Gardasil) 

-Gender affirming hormone therapy 

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What is a Crisis Pregnancy Center?​

Anti-Abortion organizations may disguise themselves as medical clinics but use deceptive practices to steer those seeking reproductive health care away from abortion care, referrals, contraception and other reproductive health care. They are NOT reproductive healthcare clinics and can cause harm by delaying access to care and reducing options.

From the Surgeon General:

Watch for these warning signs, including that the center:

Look at the website and online reviews before making an appointment and ask whether the center is licensed and will provide you with an abortion or a referral for abortion before you go to an appointment. 

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