Our Approach to Care

Our Approach to care

Founded 50 years ago, Tapestry has grown over the last five decades to be a leading expert in critical public health issues that impact our community. We provide services to almost 20,000 Western Massachusetts residents each year. Today, our services include sexual and reproductive healthcare, food access and family nutrition and harm reduction.

Tapestry’s core and fundamental value is that compassionate and dignified healthcare is a human right. We recognize the injustice that underlies health disparities, and that people face immense barriers to care based on their unique circumstances — income, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, where they live, history of trauma, and several other factors. Our approach:

  • Support bodily autonomy, reproductive justice and sexual freedom through comprehensive counseling, compassionate free or low-cost services and sexual education programs.
  • Address food insecurity by providing access to services for families with young children, including food and nutrition education.
  • Save lives through our harm reduction services for people who use drugs by reducing transmission of HIV and other infections, preventing overdose deaths and supporting people on a healing journey.

At Tapestry we provide access without stigma, which means meeting people where they are at and respecting their choices, while providing healthcare, support services and education for safer practices.

Our Harm Reduction and Sexual & Reproductive Health services are available for anyone who needs or wants to use them. We offer free and low-cost care options for those individuals that need it. No one is turned away.

Our WIC: Food Access and Family Nutrition program is available for pregnant and postpartum people and families with children under 5 years old who meet the income guidelines. This includes LGBTQ+ families, grandparents, foster parents, and legal guardians with children under 5.


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