Healthcare & Support Services

Healthcare and Support Services

Founded 50 years ago, Tapestry has grown over the last five decades to be a leading expert on critical public health issues that impact the community. We provide services to over 19,000 Western Massachusetts residents each year.

Our efforts work directly to address the unjust health disparities that come from intersecting oppressions and barriers to accessing healthcare. We provide comprehensive community-based healthcare for adults, teens and children. Learn more about our programs below:


Sexual Reproductive Health

Birth control, gender affirming hormone therapy, STI testing and treatment, and more…

Harm Reduction

Syringe service programs, overdose prevention education, Narcan access and training, and more…


Community education and training on a variety of topics, including healthy relationships, suicide prevention, responding to an overdose, and more…

WIC: Food Access & Family Nutrition

Food access, 24/7 breastfeeding support, nutrition education, links to support services, and more…

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