Support Local Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

For 45 years Tapestry has been committed to supporting our communities and providing care to all women, teens and men. We’re now facing an unprecedented threat to funding for these services. Many in Congress and the White House are taking aim at women’s health.

We need your support to help fight back and ensure we can continue to provide much needed, critical care to thousands of women and teens right here locally in Western MA.

Tapestry is the only sexual and reproductive health care provider west of Holyoke/ Springfield where people can get the care they need regardless of their ability to pay. For many women and teens, we’re the only clinic available where they can receive critical care in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place without having to worry about how much it will cost.

With your help, we’ll continue to be here, fighting for equal access for all women, teens, and men for decades to come.

Join our fight and get empowered to speak out and take action to protect local access to sexual and reproductive health care for women. Our downloadable, interactive toolkits will help you get empowered to take action and protect local access to sexual and reproductive health care. Click below for the tools and education you need to understand Tapestry’s funding and services, contact your legislators, raise money for Tapestry, and more.


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