In addition to providing life-saving and life-changing care, at the heart of our agency is a desire to educate and empower people to speak out and make a difference in their community. We believe that our communities are stronger when all of our voices are heard.

Below are ways you can get involved in the issues we work on: sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, opioid overdose awareness and prevention, and nutrition for families, infants, and children.

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Legislative Priorities and Budget Line Items

Line Items:

• 4513-1000 Family Planning Services

• 4530-9000 Teen Pregnancy Prevention

• 4512-0103 HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C

Speak Out

One of the most powerful tools we have to create change is to speak out and take action to protect issues you care about, like women’s access to care, immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ equality, care for people with HIV/AIDS, and overdose prevention.

Talk to your friends, family, and your elected officials about why these issues are important to you. Share information and facts on how you and your community are impacted by this work and why funding and policy changes matter.

We’re in an unprecedented time with so much at stake for the people we care for. Join our advocacy email list to get regular updates on what is happening legislatively and how it will impact the issues we feel so passionate about. Join our Empower & Protect campaign to get fact-based information on how Title X funding supports our work and our ability to provide critical care to thousands of people in Western MA.

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